Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cosmos featured in a cook book

Pastry Chef Khanh and Chef de Cuisine Hakan was asked by Geri Wolf to be part of a cook book that she wanted to do for a long time. Without hesitation they gladly joined in. The whole thing didn't take more than maybe two months to complete and the book turned out amazing. It,s called the "The Culinary Mistress" and the thing is because Geri did in sucha short time all the dishes and restaurants are very relevent right now, the dishes that Cosmos are featuring in the book are currently on the menu and there are some restaurants that people havent even be able to visit because they havent even opended yet!

The photography is done by our friend Chris Bohnhoff that have done work with Cosmos before (see previuse postings), and if you like "food porn" then this book is a must, the pictures are world class. The Culinary Mistress is not only a picture/recipes book, it has nice personal stories about each chef so not only do you get to know the food better but you get a little behinde the scene knowledge about the chefs here in the Twin Cities

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