Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chaine des rotisseur 2009

January 11 2009: We hosted a Chaine des rotisseur dinner at Cosmos. That night we closed down the restaurant for the public and served a six course tasting menu for 66 guests. Everything went outstanding. I can't wait until we can do another one again.
Here are a few courses from that menu.

Lobster: Saffron Lobster roll,Brioche puree, Edamame Sheet, Crispy corn.

Foie: Seared Hudson valley Foie Gras, Nitro Foie mousse,Pistachio, Cardamom pickled watermelon Radish.

Intermezzo: Exploding LingonBerry, Elderflower "Spaghetti"

Cheese: Flexiable 7 year cheddar cheese, Beets, shaved Balsamic, cinamon date foam

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