Thursday, February 26, 2009


We are serving a Hawaiian Opha in the restaurant. We stumbled across this fish when we were looking for Spanish Mackerel and we actually liked the Opha better. It's a beautiful fish that's nice and fatty and served best rare seared. Staying with the Hawaiian theme we're serving the seared Opha with an Opha/Habanero Poke, Poi and Taro root "pillows". For the Pillows we start with mashed Taro, then a mixture of corn starch, flour and baking powder is folded in. We then deep fry them until puffed like a "pillow".

We then decided that pineapple would be a perfect sidekick for the dish, and that turned into making pineapple "Spaghetti". For the "Spaghetti", we use a combonation of Pineapple juice, Agar Agar and Locust gum; warming it all up to activate the Agar. When still warm we fill small tubes with the pineapple mixture and then dunk them into ice water so the juice and Agar sets.

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