Monday, March 9, 2009

Lamb "Belly"

In Cosmos Kitchen we take great pride in utilizing all of the product we purchase. Not only does it make sense from a food cost perspective, we feel that it's only fair to respect the animals and farmers. One example is our house cured Lamb "Belly". We utilize the fat cap from the Lamb racks that most chefs would normally throw away, but we found a very unique way to use it and turns out great. We trim off about 80% of the fat but leave the meat attached to the remaining 20%. We take two trimmed fat caps and glue (Activa RM) them together with the meat side facing each other. Next we rub the meat with our cure consisting of rosemary, garlic, thyme, bay leaf, salt, pepper and sugar. The meat is then cured under pressure for 48 hours. The belly is finished by vacuum sealing the meat on highest setting and cooked soue vide for 16 hours at 151.5 F Degrees and cooled down under pressure.

We cut little cubes out of this fatty, tender, flavorful piece of lamb. We call it Lamb "Belly" because it has the same usage as Bacon.

When plated we catch Rosemary smoke under a glass bowl and place the smoky bowl over the Lamb "Belly". This is how we present the lamb dish in the dining room, as the waiter removes the smokey bowl in front of the guest, it adds just enough to get that light smokey flavor that we were looking for on the lamb belly.

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