Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spicy chicken wing Soup

We like to take Classic dishes and serve them a little bit different. Take for example spicy chicken wings with blue cheese and celery. That is a very good dish but probably a little bit messy to eat in the restaurant so we had this idea. We roasted the chicken wings and mire poix with a spicy sauce in the oven. transferred to a big stock pot and added chicken stock, let it simmer for 3 Horus. strain thru chinoas.

We made a celery terrine: Jullien celery and compress in vacuum sealer. Juice celery and activate agar agar. Combine hot celery juice with the compressed celery, chopped chives and parsley in a terrine mold. Let set.
Blue cheese fritter: Mix Stilton blue cheese crumbles and tempura Batter. Deep fry.

Liquid chicken wings, Celery Terrine, Blue cheese fritter.

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