Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kitchen table Saturady 03-21-09

This is the third time that Sue and Bob McDonald are doing the kitchen Table. They invited Terri and Lee Lynch to join them. We really enjoy cooking for this group (Second Time) it's a good mix of laughs, gossip and it is challenging. Bob is a tough yet fair critic. Bob has an amazing wine collection and he always brings in a few bottles and let's us try all these different wines.

I think we really nailed this menu for them. We did some old classics like shrimp "cocktail"(See picture) and our foie gras dish with nitro foie mousse. We also took some chance like the authentic veal loin that we served with sun choke puree, Sous vide artichoke, sweetbreads and a black licorice beurre blanc( Terri's favorite).

We ended up serving 12 courses including all the little extra treats we do, Bob and Sue were already talking about booking the next kitchen table before they were even done with this one. We'll see what we do for them next time, it's going to be a tough one to follow, since they rated it the best meal in the Twin City.

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