Monday, March 30, 2009

Out Side Cosmos Kitchen

Spam Off, Sunday 03-29-09: After service Sunday night it all went down. We meet up in a rented party room in Roseville and it was time for SPAM Off! We got divided up into three teams and had one hour to come up with as many dishes using a Black Box and of course spam. Once the hour was up we were looking at an array of spam dishes. and one hell of a mess so we decided that the winning team got pardoned from cleaning up. Here are some of the dishes that were presented.

Spam Pizza

Flash seared Spam Carpaccio

Angry Spam Saute'

Spam-Ramen noodle Norri roll

Coconut glazed Spam

and the winning dish of the night was, Spam bread pudding with rum caramel. Yes it was Delicious.

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