Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Roof Top Herb Garden ( step one)

In Cosmos kitchen we use a plethora of fresh herbs and we love to garnish with edible flowers such as tomato, cucumber, and nasturtium. The flowers are pretty hard to come by and the farmers don't like to give them up because they loose out on the vegetable they are growing. The shelf life of the flowers are very poor and they are expensive.

Our solution to this is an herb garden on our roof top. Not only are we going to get our own fresh herbs but we are also planting tomato and cucumber so we can pick our own edible flowers. This is something that we are all very exited about, and we are going to try a lot of different things up there to see what grows.

We are even thinking right now that if this is a success we might do a water barrel to catch rain water, make our own compost with vegetable scraps and even do a glassed in green house.

Skies the limit on our roof top.....

1 comment:

  1. Great idea - a perfect use for all that empty rooftop space, and I'm sure you'll create some amazing compost. Those will be the best-fed tomatoes and cucumbers in Minnesota!