Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We do a big all day menu at Cosmos on Thanksgiving. This year we went "New School" on the Turkey. We broke down the bird in pieces and did the following with the different parts.

Legs: Cured overnight with herbs salt, pepper. Confited them for 5 hours and picked all the meat off the bone and mixed the meat with toasted pistachio, Sauteed onions and sage for stuffing.
wings: Roasted till crispy and served a' naturel.
Carcasses: Roasted of for stock that eventually is turned into gravy

Breast: When butchered we leave the skin from the thigh attached to the breast. We then cut a sliver down the breast meat length wise and stuff that with the confit-pistachio mixture and wrapping the meat and skin all the way around. Now you have skin all the way around the meat and meat all the way around the stuffing. When we cook it the skin will be crispy and all the juices from the meat will stay in the meat, plus the fat from the confited dark meat will melt out in to the breast meat and make it super juicy and flavorful.

Wild Acres Turkey, Pistachio Stuffing, Turkey Leg Confit, Mash potato, Cranberry Compote, Gravy

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