Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shrimp Roll

This whole dish started with a Bloody Mary relish. The relish is made of tomato, celery, red onions and spicy Clamata juice. From there we tried a whole lot of different variations.

We quickly decided that shrimp would be the perfect flavor to go with the relish. We made the shrimp roll by finely chopping up the raw shrimp, and mixing it with lemon zest, pimentone and transglutamines. We then roll the shrimp up real tight in plastic and cook it sous vide at 131.2 degrees for 45 minutes.

We started a new creative process in the Kitchen and the Shrimp roll was the first product of this rule. The idea is that we are always going to keep developing one new dish. This means that the whole kitchen is getting involved in one dish and we'll keep tweaking and experimenting with the dish for two whole weeks before we will serve it. Then once the dish is finalized we'll move on to a new one and continue the process. We hope that by doing this we'll always keep moving forward with new ideas and everyone stays involved.

We kept the flavors fairly basic and the last variation of the dish is...

Shrimp Roll,Compressed Cucumber, Celery Ribbons, Cucumber Rind-Horseradish Froth, Lemon Pudding and Red onion Chips.

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