Sunday, November 1, 2009

Scallop Ceviche'

You might realize by now that we like plyable foods at Cosmos. We recently made a Scallop terrine' by mixing scallops with a little bit of transglutamines and pressing it overnight in a square mold. We then cook the scallop terrine, Sous vide at 131.2 Degrees F. Once cooked and chilled,we then slice the scallop into thin "sheets". Lastly,ceviche' them in fresh lime juice for about 15 minutes. To get that nice lime flavor infused.

When plating, we are able to shape the scallop "sheet" however we want to. It's a real nice way to get the guests wondering where the scallop is and thinking,"How did they do that?"

We are serving this plyable scallop with puffed pork rinds,( which would be an awesome bar snack on it's own), Pomegranate-Galanga root "Spaghetti", and a picante' chorizo mousse.

Scallop Ceviche', Picante' Chorizo Mousse, Puffed Pork Rinds, Pomegranate-Galangaroot "Spaghetti", Cilantro Yogurt, Black Sea Salt, Micro Cilantro

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