Friday, October 23, 2009

Cosmos Ocean Flavors

This idea began with a chef's table we had not too long ago. The McDonald's were here and we decided to do a deconstructed boulliabase for their menu. Throwing new twists on classic dishes is something we like to do at Cosmos and a boulliabase is the perfect opportunity to present this classical dish in a whole new way.

Although we have a lot going on component wise, it all ties together nicely and still reminds you of the comforting dish while appearing like you've never seen it before. The protiens consist of a seared diver scallop, confit of Halibut, broiled langoustine, and the mussel is cooked in a broth we've called lobster essence. The essence consists of lobster stock that we then beef up with extra fennel, white wine, a touch of orange, and Pernod. We then tie it all together with sous vide baby fennel, preserved tomato, grilled bread, fried fennel fronds, and a saffron aoli.

The result is tastey and comforting like the original, but is presented in a whole new manor. We've used different techniques and ideas to make something we can call our own.

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