Friday, October 23, 2009

Allspice Torchon

Our F&B director Vinny is always good at making us try all of the tasty finds he comes across in his line of work, and often encourages us to use them in our dishes. He recently found an allspice flavored rum that is like no other spiced rum we've ever tasted. As we all tasted it downstairs in the bar, faces lit up, and everyone seemed to have the same revelation on their faces... foie torchon. From here the plan was set in motion, marinate the foie for a night, wrap it the following day, poach it in the liquor, and hang it tight. Unfortunately this was happening during restaurant week and we marinated the foie for three days. Needless to say our torchon was a little boozy. Logically we decided the foie shouldn't marinate so long, and our second batch spent only one day in the rum resulting in not enough flavor. We've found a happy medium at two days, and are very happy with the finished product. We reduce the poaching liquid afterwords and use it as a binder to coat the edges in a salty toffee when plating also. All in all I'd say it was a success, the allspice and foie marry well together and between the crunchy coating and silky torchon, the texture is nice also.


  1. Allspice rum, sounds amazing... What brand, Where did ya'll pick it up?

  2. We get it from Bellboy distributor, the cost is $23.00 bottle. The Brand is St. Elizabeth Dram Allspice Rum, it is from the West Indies.