Monday, September 14, 2009

5th annual SOS Event (share our strength)

Graves 601 Hotel Ballroom:

This is one of the most longed for Charity events in the Twin Cities. We gather about 13 different chefs from around the area that provides a five course tasting menu for ten people. this is a awesome way to show of your restaurant and skills for other chefs but also a very unique experience for the guests. It all takes place on the 5th floor at the Graves 601 Hotel ballroom. Each chef has there own little "kitchen" set up right in front of the Guest so they can see every move.

Cosmos: Chef Hakan Lundberg and Pastry Chef Khanh Tran did their debut at this event this year and they served some seasonal items and some "signature" dishes from cosmos. The event went very smooth and they received standing ovations in the end of the meal. It's a pretty stress full dinner so we did not have much time for snapping allot of pictures but please enjoy what ever we had time for.

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