Sunday, January 24, 2010

Parsley Root Cake

We've put a new item on our menu as a vegetarian entree. We are very pleased with this one and even before putting the dish on, we had people say "it's the best vegetarian dish they have ever tried". Some times when you eat a vegetarian dish it feels like it's missing something but our parsley root cake does not leave you with that feeling. This well balanced dish is made with slow roasted parsley roots that we turn into crispy cakes. Once the parsley root is cooked and chilled we blend it with egg yolks and cottage cheese, not only does the cheese add moisture and flavor but also a lot of protein that sometimes is hard to come by when you are a Vegetarian. We then bread our parsley cakes with parsley bread crumbs to add more of the parsley flavor and crunch when you pan sear them.

Parsley Root Cake, Black Rice Puree, Red Pearl Onions, Roasted Bell Pepper Marmalade

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