Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wagyu Beef Tartar

Here we have one of our newer appetizers from the menu. It's a wagyu beef tartar that we serve with more unusual parings then regular beef tartar preparation.

Not only is this a beautiful dish but it's also a firework of textures.

Starting from the left we serve,

Wagyu Fat Powder: Rendered fat that we mix with tapiocamaltodextrian, when this powder is eaten it melts back into fat in your mouth.

Mung bean Salad: Cooked mung beans mixed with pickled ginger, shallots and truffle oil. Nice aldente beans.

Wagyu Tartar: Finley diced Wagyu beef, Tangerine olive oil. The most tender beef tartar we have ever served.

Daikon Radish: Finley diced daikon radish marinated in a Miso-sesame oil vinaigrette. crunchy daikon radish.

Tobikko: Salty Flying fish roe that pops in your mouth

To get the plating perfect every time we had a company manufacture a special mold for us. it's a five compartment square mold that we first did in acetate so we could determine the right amount of each ingredient.

Waguy Beef Tartar, Mungbean salad, Daikon Radish,
Flying fish roe,
Wagyu fat powder,Carrot-Ginger Coulis. Sesame Crackers.

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